UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

Mountain bike racing o­nly recently gained world-wide popularity. The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) first recognized world championships in mountain bike racing in 1990. The sport of mountain biking had already been popular in California (USA) since the early 1980's. The sport has continued to increase in popularity since the first UCI world cup in 1991. The UCI has reported that a record number of teams has registered for the 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. There were 90 teams competing in 2009; for 2010, 107 teams will be competing.

The UCI Mountain Bike World Championships involve four specialties:

1. Cross Country:
This event involves a variety of trails, winding through forests, rocky paths and streams. It can last from 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes.

2. Down-Hill:
The steep hills in this competition truly test the preparation of riders. The course for this event connects a series of steep sections.

3. 4-Cross:
This event is a competition between four riders. It is very fast down-hill event with sharp corners and steep banks and jumps. This is the newest event.

4. Marathon:
The marathon is essentially an extended version of the cross country event. The marathon is raced in the mountains and will be between 60 and 120 km.

The world championships for these events will be held in Germany and Canada in 2010. The UCI Marathon World Championships are planned for St. Wendell, Germany o­n 8 August 2010. The three other events; cross-country, down-hill and 4-cross, are all scheduled for Mont-Saint-Anne, Canada, from 31 August 2010 to 05 September 2010.

It is exciting to see a sport like mountain biking gain popularity all over this earth. Mountain biking involves surprising cooperation between man, machine, and natural terrain. Detailed information about upcoming races can be found at www.uci.ch.