Tour de France

Lance Armstrong Tour de France 05
The Tour de France is the most popular and highly regarded bicycle race in the world. The race covers France, as well as some bordering countries, is over 2000 miles long, and is broken into daily stages. The rider with the lowest time each day is given a yellow jersey to wear. After adding up the individual times from each stage of the event, the biker with the lowest total time is declared the winner.

The Tour de France takes about 21 days to complete. This usually includes two days of rest time, which is also used to transport the bikers to different towns for the start of different stages of the race, as it is not a completely linear event. There are around 20 teams of bikers, with nine in each group. Team members help each other in the race, and are followed by managers and bike mechanics that are there in case of any trouble.

Tour de France 05, 17. Run
It is possible to win the Tour de France without winning any of the separate days. The race is set up with different bonuses; time deductions are given to bikers who do well in certain stages, and being the first to pass a certain point in a stage will grant you a time bonus. In 1990, Greg LeMond won the Tour de France without winning any of the stages. In recent years time bonuses have not been given out, but are still a possibility from year to year.

The Tour de France is televised in over 100 countries each year, and is a very important race for the people of Europe. Million of fans line the streets to watch the race, with some even camping out for weeks ahead of time. The Tour de France starts in July.