Road Cycling Racing

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Road cycling racing is o­ne of the most exciting sports to participate in. The best part about it is that you don't need a lot of specialized gear, your road bike and some clothing are all you need to play along. There are some specific things that will help you be much more successful though, especially when you are beginning racing.

Most local cycling organization will host a few road races throughout the year. They probably aren't as high profile as many of the professional road races, but they are the place that all racers got their start. The best thing about racing locally is that you are riding o­n the roads that you already know. That means that you can practice o­n your own time before the actual race to get a feel for how the race will go down.

The most important piece of equipment is (obviously) your bike. If you currently cycle for fun or exercise, the road bike that you are riding will probably work out great for road racing. The key to success is durability when racing. Unless you have a sponsor and full team, you probably don't have a car with parts and a backup bike trailing you. What you need is a bike that is not going to fail o­n you in a race, as well as solid tires and tubes that aren't going to give you problems under racing conditions.

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As far as clothing goes, you will need a jersey to race. This is a way for the race organizers to be able to identify you. Other necessary equipment is a helmet, glasses, water, and backup tubes.

While it's o­nly a basic level of gear that you need to begin road cycling racing, you have to be in good shape to start. Ride the course beforehand (if possible) to make sure that you're capable of making it all of the way through a race!