Mountain Bike Cycling Racing

Like most sports, mountain bike cycling racing requires special equipment for the serious athlete. Almost anyone can go out and ride a mountain bike, but those that compete need equipment that maximizes performance, safety and comfort.

The features of a mountain bike should cater to the size and experience of its rider. Bikes are made from a variety of materials. The material’s weight is a crucial factor in performance. The heavier a bike is, the less aerodynamic it will be. It must be durable enough to withstand a minor crash.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory in most cycling events. Its most important purpose is to provide protection from head injuries during crashes. A durable aerodynamic helmet is the best choice. Helmets not o­nly redirect wind, they protect the rider from weather elements like beating sun, pouring rain and driving wind.

Mountain bike gloves provide hand protection from blisters and cuts during races. They should help the rider get a better grip o­n the handlebars and reduce the slippery effects of sweat.

Wearing comfortable clothing that offers protection from weather and crashes is crucial to mountain bike cycling racers. Traditional attire includes racing shorts and shirts, an extra T-shirt, a jacket, socks and shoes with cleats. Clothing to promote dryness and adaptation to heat and cold helps a rider’s performance and comfort.

Serious racing cyclists use sunglasses or for eye protection from the sun and flying debris. A seat bag allows transport of extra necessities, such as energy bars and gel or first aid items. In case of a tire blowout, emergency supplies should include a spare tire tube, pump, patch kit, CO2, mini-tool and tire lever.