Mountain Bike Racing

Mountain Bike Cross Race
It can be said that the idea of the bicycle was around since the 16th century where it was seen in a window illustration. It was not until 1817, however, that it would be realized and physically created by Baron Karl Von Drais. When he created this machine, I am sure he did not know that it would inspire o­ne of the most popular sports in the world.

Very few people realize that bicycling has been a prevalent sport since the early nineteenth century. The racing of bicycles has spanned over centuries, o­nly to get more popular as time goes o­n. The first known race took place in Paris, France o­n May 31, 1968. All of the cyclists used their wooden bicycles and went as fast as they could. The winner of that tournament was James Moore of England.

Even though people took to bicycle racing this early in history, mountain bike racing was o­nly considered a sport by the Union Cycliste Internationale in 1990. As a matter of fact, the first race took place o­nly 18 years ago in 1991!

Mountain Biker
When doing a mountain biking race you may choose between different types of terrainn. You could choose to do a downhill race which is timed. You may be more interested in racing cross country with team mates. If you decide to do a freeride competition you will be o­n a veritable obstacle course of rough terrain, ramps, and cliffs. This is more of a test of skill than a race.

If you want to get the full experience and test of your skills, however, doing a marathon mountain biking race is the best way to go. To get from beginning to end you have to cross an immense amount of rough terrain. The whole race can be over o­ne hundred thousand miles in total. o­nly the best of the best can aim for the world cup for this race.