Cape Epic

One of the classic international mountain bike races is the Cape Epic: the Magical and Untamed. This mountain bike race in Africa has become the largest cycling event in all of South Africa. Each year in March or April, the cycling community's attention is focused o­n Africa's most challenging race, which is also o­ne of the biggest mountain bike races anywhere in the world. The Cape Epic is an 8-stage team race through the Western Cape of South Africa, with each team consisting of two riders. The Cape Epic is the most televised mountain bike race in the world, with a new off-road route designed each year.

The race proves challenging for any cyclist, but it is nearly impossible for the average cyclist. Just starting the race is an experience unlike anything else in the world. Despite a slow start, the race has grown and become better and more popular every year. The level of competition increases every year as well.

The race begins at Knysna, and it's impossible to describe the nerves, energy, and anticipation you'll experience just getting started. This two-person race forces you to have confidence in your partner, as well as in yourself. Over the course of 8 days and 900km, you ride from town to town, water point to water point, eventually arriving at your destination in Lourensford. At the beginning, you think there's no way you'll ever finish, but when you do, it seems the race went by much too quickly. Many people experience a post-race depression when returning to normal life, far removed from the peaceful race through the mountains. The beauty and challenge of the race is enough to bring you back year after year.